Our average customer increased book sales by 467% because of their new cover

• eBook Cover Design

• Ready to use on Kindle, iBooks and any other ebook publishing platform

• No Print Version Included

• Print Cover Design

• Back Cover & Spine Included

• No Ebook Version Included

• eBook & Print Cover Design

• Multiple Stock Images Included

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What is the process of getting a book cover?

Our design process is very easy and simple. It takes only 3 simple steps to get a perfect new cover for your book.

1 – Select the package that fits your needs from above and pay using credit card or PayPal

2 – Answer a few questions about your book to help us design an awesome cover

3 – Receive your brand new cover within 3 days

Once you receive your new cover design from us you will then have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask for any modifications needed to make your cover perfect.
That’s it! 

Will I need to pay for stock images?

No, we have partnered with one of the largest stock photo libraries on the internet and we have access to over 40 million images. You will not be charged for any stock image used on the cover.

Do you do cover design for my book's genre?

With over 7 years of working experience and over 1000 book cover designs, we have created covers for almost every genre out there. There’s simply no book that we cannot design a great cover for.

What self-publish platforms do you support?

We can design covers that can be used with any self-publishing platforms. Some of the most common ones that our authors publish with are: CreateSpace (Amazon), iBooks, Smashwords, Lulu, Wattpad, Kobo, Nook, BookBaby and many others.

How do you optimise covers for maximum sales?

Over the years that we have been working on cover design we have discovered that certain covers sell more books than others. We have studied these differences and experimented with different design choices and observed the results.

The simple answer is that some covers are catchier than others and we have found, from experience, what attributes makes a cover get a second look and what doesn’t. We want to use our skills to help you sell more books.

Why are your prices so low?

We know that most self-published authors don’t have the budget to spend on high-end, quality cover design but this will cost them more money down the road when their cover won’t sell as many books.

Based on our research we discovered that other cover design services charge too much for a good cover that make it non-affordable for most authors. We want to help self-published writers to sell more books without having to sacrifice more money for a great cover.

I have more questions, can I contact you before I buy a cover?

Of course! We’d be happy to have a chat with you. Send us a message here.

“These guys are fast and painless. I have never had a better experience. Everything I asked for was done… within a day. I was blown away. The cover is crisp, bright, and a hit with all my readers, friends, and family. I am very happy!”

Carli Castle, author of Heart of Fire

“I didn’t really expect Octagonlab to deliver on their three-day delivery promise over the New Year’s weekend, but they did.
They were really professional and very responsive to change requests made. I totally love my cover!

Anna Tan, author of Coexist.