5 Tips For Great Book Cover Design

03 Aug 5 Tips For Great Book Cover Design

In this new age of internet connectivity and self-publication, the traditional methods of publishing books have undergone a huge change. With products like Kobo, authors are no longer thinking of telling their story through hard copies. Instead they are opting to reach the net-savvy audience through self-publishing tools like Kindle. That as it may be, even books published online need a great book cover design. It is one of the most important aspects of presenting the book to the reader.

In today’s age where people are highly influenced by image-minded media, it is imperative that a book’s cover design be attractive enough to catch the reader’s attention. Professionals who do this for a living are well versed in designing the book’s cover which itself speaks to the reader what the book might be about. This involves creativity and art along with patience to put that final image that represents the book’s soul.

Whether the book is a hard copy or an E-book, book cover design always matters. With the internet become a large online place to shop for books, it is important to get the right cover design to promote the book online. When readers go to a bookshop or browse online the first thing they see is the book cover design, they then choose the book and flip it to read on what the book is about. If they like the content they proceed to purchase it. This proves the fact that people do judge a book by its cover.

So for all those who want to publish their books online or as paperbacks, here are five tips to choose the best book cover design for the book.

1. Hire a professional book cover designer

People may think they know enough about books to choose a cover design themselves, but more often than not their choice does not click. It is best to let the professionals handle it.

2. Do enough research

If the book caters to a particular audience or belongs to a genre then take a good look at book covers that have clicked with the readers. If possible prepare an analysis of what the current theme is on the book covers. This may help form an image in the mind about what the book cover should be.

3. Choose multiple images

Choose multiple images before deciding on the right one. If the job has been given to the professionals then they will provide the images that they chose for the book cover design. Sit on it for a few days before deciding on the right one.

4. Take time

Take the time to decide the tone or the mood of the book cover design. If it belongs to the mystery or horror genre then the cover needs to convey something dark or eerie. If it is a children’s book then the cover design will obviously be cheerful.

5. Back text

The last but not the least, the content. It is very important that the content written on the back of the book should be relevant, engaging and leave the reader hanging. The font and the font size should be perfect as well.

All said a great book cover design helps the book reach its readers. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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